By nature, Pride events are spaces in which everyone is welcome - including brands.  Recognizing that the Pride events will never get less commercial, take note:  there is an enlightened approach to marketing for this consumer segment. Brands can and should still take part in the celebration, but only if done so thoughtfully. As one of the many lenses through which people view the world, brands have a unique opportunity to take a stand and make a meaningful impact during Pride month in June but more realistically, 365 days a year.

WorldPride New York City held in  June, 2019, was the largest event ever in NYC history and the largest LGBTQ event in history. Brands who participated were seen in front of 5 million people! We were thrilled to manage activations for several of our clients at this monumental event, which included SKYY Vodka, 2(X)IST and Roadside Attractions. 


PRIDE IS 365! Turning your logo into rainbow colors in June is nice, but supporting the LGBTQ community year-round is what makes a brand stand out from the crowd.  Celebrate pride and diversity every day of the year and not just to boost your sales. The community will take notice. 

Pride events occur during every month of the year during a typical year. During the COVID-19 pandemic, we are now planning for the 100+ pride events that are scheduled to occur starting in March, 2021.  During the remainder of 2020, use your event marketing dollars on a comprehensive digital, broadcast, print and/or social media campaign to keep your brand in the spotlight in the LGBTQ community!  We will put together a customized campaign for your brand.

Typically we will finalize all pride event campaigns for 2021 in December, 2020, as events will sell out and participation fees will increase as you get closer to each event date. Book participation as early as possible!